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A Paraglider and Hang Glider climb out in evening liftThe facilities that support the excellent hang gliding & paragliding in Golden do not exist in a vacuum. To name just a few of the more important ones, roads, launch ramps, brush free PG launches, LZ & launch access rights as well as the safety & rescue amenities do not just magically spring into existence. All these things take time, energy and money to develop, secure and maintain.

Won't you please help keep the Golden flying site available & operating smoothly.

If you hang glide or paraglide in Golden on a regular basis (more than 5 days a year), you need to be thinking about making an annual financial contribution to the Site Fund. If you only fly Golden occasionally, any help you can provide is always appreciated. Currently, several individuals donate money, time and other resources so that all pilots who fly Golden can fully and safely enjoy the site.

No donation is too small but if you are a regular annual user of the site, we suggest you think in terms of giving at least the dollar equivalent of a case of beer every year. Your support will help keep this wonderful site accessible and user-friendly.

Send in a cheque today. Cheques may be made payable to: Golden Flying Site and may be sent to the care of:

Scott Watwood,
774 Barber Road,
Golden, British Columbia, Canada, V0A 1H1
Tel: 1-250-344-3214

Thanks for doing your part.
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